Why Airdrie Media

We provide the services you need at a price that you can afford.

Small businesses today are faced with a dilemma: it can be prohibitively expensive to hire a digital agency to create and manage your internet presence, but the bargain-basement “do-it-yourself” web page services do not offer the marketing and search engine optimization expertise you need to get your pages noticed even if you do build them.

Airdrie Media recognizes this dilemma and offers a solution: using a tiered approach, we will create first what in software development is called the “MVP” or “minimum viable product” — exactly what you really need and nothing more. This way, you can leverage our two decades of experience optimizing sites for the web while keeping your costs to a minimum. For a low monthly maintenance fee we will manage this site for you and you can 



Bargain-basement “do-it-yourself” website builders offer only the bare minimum: stock layouts with no search engine optimizatYou need to have a presence on the Internet, but hiring a digital agency to carry your message into cyberspace can be prohibitively expensive. Bargain-basement “do-it-yourself” solutions exist, but there is a lot more to reaching customers on the Internet than putting words on a web page or filling out a form on Google My Business. The Internet is a critical lead-generation tool for nearly all businesses today, but many companies and organizations lack both the money to hire a team of Internet marketing experts and the time they can devote to becoming an expert themselves.

Airdrie Media was created to cater to these small businesses, and to provide the must-have tools for Internet communications that all businesses need.



Essential tier


What We Do Best

Reaching and communicating with customers over the Internet is more than just a drag-and-drop GoDaddy web page builder.


You need a consistent brand identity so that your customers can easily recognize you on the web, in social media, or by email.

Web Design

Your website is your digital storefront, and it is imperative that it project the right image.

Search Engine Optimization

Your web pages and social media are read and interpreted by computer algorithms (“bots”) that will try to match you to your prospective customers. Your pages must be built in such a way that they communicate to both the human and the non-human audience.

Content Strategy

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Information Architecture

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Business Consulting

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